The Importance of a Specialised Foundation Provider

Solar Farm Foundations

The Importance of a Specialised Foundation Provider.

When it comes to any industry, strong value is placed on companies and organisations that specialise in their chosen field.

The Solar Farm industry is much the same with companies specialising in many areas, such as tracker systems, PV technology, electrical management, and construction. In the case of the Solar Farm industry however, the critical nature and long-term performance requirements of a foundation system are sometimes not properly considered.

Solar Farm piles are often included as part of a quoted bundle from a tracker system or construction services provider. This method for the most part proves adequate for the specified loads and design life, however, due to their lack of experience in structural and geotechnical pile design, developers often experience unnecessary problems and costs.

The Solar X Blade Pile

We believe the significant costs incurred from pre-drilling, installation setbacks and on occasion, weather induced pile failures, are simply unnecessary and can be avoided. Solar Pile International is proud to be an experienced and specialised provider of Solar Farm foundation systems and services. We offer a range of engineered piling products and solutions with installation methodologies to cater for all site conditions.

The Solar X Blade Pile removes the need for pre-drilling in hard soils. Its unique twin-blade design also anchors the pile against uplift forces, including hydraulic jacking from reactive clays. The lateral bracing wings are sized for optimum lateral load performance.

Our Solar X Wing Pile provides the best solution for optimising loads in loose weak soils at shallow depths. Through its unique cupping-plate and lateral bracing wings design, this pile both strengthens the soil during installation for vertical loads and captures an enlarged area of surrounding soil for high lateral load capacities.

Our USA spec W-Series Solar Farm H-Beams piles are manufactured to the highest QA levels and designed to properly satisfy the related structural and galvanising standards.

Solar Pile International has a solid and proven track record for large-scale manufacturing and delivery of its W-Series H-Beam piles and Solar Blade Piles to some of Australia’s largest Solar Farm projects.

The Solar X Wing Pile

No matter the soil conditions of a site, or its location in the world, Solar Pile International can ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

If you would like to read more about how Solar Pile International can help Solar Farm developers, EPC’s and array suppliers, visit our work with us or contact us today.

Written by Solar Pile International.

Published 1/04/2019

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