The 2019 Large-scale Solar Forum

The Large-scale Solar Forum held on the 16th of May in Brisbane was an exceptional turnout with great speakers and social opportunities throughout the day. The forum discussions were insightful and shared knowledge across all areas of the solar farm industry.

We are proud to have sponsored this successful event and are thankful to everybody that we had the privilege of talking with. The event represented a tremendous opportunity for our company to visually demonstrate and showcase our range of solar farm piles that cater for all sites, anywhere in the world.

Thank you to everybody that was involved in making this event a reality and to all the attendees and speakers for making it what it was. We look forward to seeing everybody at future Clean Energy Council and solar industry events.

Solar Pile International exhibition stand at the 2019 Large-scale Solar Forum.

Written by Solar Pile International

Published 17/5/2019

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