SPI Achieves Great Success With USA Pile Testing.

Solar Pile International achieves great success with United States pile testing.

Solar Pile International (SPI) is proud to announce the successful results of the company’s first Solar X Blade Pile (SXBP) tests in United States soil. Key Australian and United States SPI staff attended the testing on-site in Texas where the SXBP achieved exceptional results.

The tests are an exciting milestone for SPI and represent a key step forward in the company’s diversification through the international solar farm industry.  In addition, SPI’s recent showcasing of the SXBP at the Utah Solar Energy Expo, held in Salt Lake City in September, received overwhelming interest from attendees.

The SXBP offers substantial benefits to Solar Farm developers and EPC’s through its ability to perform in sites with reactive, weak or hard soils and sites with particularly shallow rock layers.

For more information on the SXBP and other piling products, please visit our products page.

Solar X Blade Pile Installed at USA Solar Farm Site.

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Written by Solar Pile International.

Published 09/10/2019

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