Final Delivery For SPI’s First USA Solar Farm


Solar Pile International is proud to announce the completed delivery of 24,108 solar wing piles to our first USA solar farm. Fulfilling the near 100 MW farm required a total 51 truck-loads of product to be delivered between October and November, 2019. 

All piles are unpacked at port, checked, loaded and repacked onto flatbed trucks for easy unloading on site. Packs are color-coded for clear and safe identification, ensuring correct sizes are allocated to correct locations on site. Additionally, each delivery to site was accompanied by full QA documentation.

The project features approximately 250,000 photovoltaic panels which produce enough electricity to power roughly 12,000 homes and businesses.

If you would like to read more about how Solar Pile International can help Solar Farm developers, EPC’s and array suppliers, visit our work with us or contact us today.

Written by Solar Pile International.

Published 10/12/2019

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