Problem Sites Made Easy With SPI


Solar Farms are built in all kinds of soil types that each require a different foundation to achieve an equivalent, required load. As soils become more complex, the associated foundations costs increase. 

This has led to areas with simplistic soil conditions to be sought after for their more basic and affordable foundation and ground works requirements. The problem is, these solar farm sites are starting to become less available while complex, challenging projects are becoming more commonplace. 

These projects are not all bad however, and can often be only partially problematic. 

In any case, our expert team is able to design and deliver a combination of piles for a single project that provides the required loads and tolerances in all areas of the site. This approach can provide considerable cost savings by avoiding drilling and other on-site remedies that are commonly incurred with a single foundation solution. 

Contact our team today and receive a custom designed solution for your next project!

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Written by Solar Pile International.

Published 18/11/2020

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