Solar X Wing Pile

The Solar X Wing Pile represents a revolutionary approach to weak and variable strength soils. Through our unique cupping plate and bracing wing design, we are able to achieve significantly increased compression and lateral loads, at shallow depths.

The Perfect Solution For:

Comprehensive in Design, but Simple to Install.


The Solar X Wing Pile features a unique cupping plate design that traps and strengthens the soil around the pile during installation. This unique pile design provides significant vertical load capacities in very weak soils at shallow depths.


The Solar X Wing Pile’s Bracing Wings provide substantial lateral load capacities at shallow founding depths. The addition of our custom sized wings allows the Pile to handle extreme wind and weather events with ease. The combination of cupping plates and bracing wings results in a seamless, effective solution for weak and sandy soils, in all types of weather conditions.


The Solar X Wing Pile is comprehensive in design, but simple in installation. Just as with traditional H-beam foundations, the Solar X Wing Pile is installed with universal pile driving machinery. The top section of the pile is customised appropriately to connect with any utility-scale sun tracker system for a given solar farm project. Whatever it takes, Solar Pile International can make it work.

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