Solar Farm Developers can benefit greatly from our development feasibility services. Solar Pile International can assist in pre purchase site assessment for piling and foundation costs. We are able to assess the soil conditions by conducting on-site pile tests. This provides developers with true foundation costs prior to site acquisition, minimising risk.

1. Get in Touch With Us

We can accurately pre-determine your structural foundation needs and costs to improve the accuracy of your development feasibility and minimise the potential for latent conditions.


2. Information Supplied By You

We require relevant project details such as a site plan with contours, solar array layout, the chosen solar array system, each pile type and quantities, comprehensive geotech report, structural load specifications, and a sample copy of your EPC P.O supplier contract terms & conditions.


3. Assessing Your Project Site

We assess and determine a pile design that will offer the highest long-term foundation performance at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved by determining the geotechnical realities of the project site, analysing array system loads, and designing to suit.


Following our three step process, we can provide an accurate estimate that covers the whole range of a project’s structural foundation needs and costs. This includes installation contractor costs and related civil works that can potentially be adjusted for further savings.


Our pile testing services provide clear on-site pile performance data for the designed pile structure. Solar Pile International and it’s associate engineers conduct on-site pile install and load performance verification testing. This helps avoid substantial variation costs from otherwise unknown latent conditions.

Your EPC

Solar Pile International can work directly with your EPC and their engineers to ensure the necessary pre-construction assessment is conducted and accounted for. With over 20 years experience in piling, our team can bring great value to your projects.

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