Solar X Blade Pile

The Solar X Blade Pile is a high compression, uplift and lateral load pile that features our signature twin-blade design and bracing wings, when needed for lateral loads in very weak soils. The pile features ultra-high torque capability from an internal, bottom driven ‘screw in’ drive hub system that can penetrate the most challenging soil conditions, almost eliminating the need for pre-drilling. It has been developed and refined since 2015, and is now available to the market with our automated and  fully guided GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) mast machine.

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The Solar X Blade Pile’s twin-blade design creates precise positional tolerance and incredible vertical load capacities to answer the growing problem of frost-heave forces, and highly to extremely reactive clay soil. The Pile is able to achieve high load capacities at shallow founding depths and dramatically outperforms alternative methods for reactive clay soils in both cost and ease of installation.



The Solar X Blade Pile’s Bracing Wings provide substantial lateral load capacities in very weak soils, and shallow founding depths. The addition of wings allows the Pile to handle extreme wind and weather events with ease. The combination of the twin-blade design and bracing wings results in a seamless, effective solution for extremely reactive clay soils and significant wind loads.


The Solar X Blade Pile is installed through an internal drive tool that fits inside the pile and connects at the base. The bottom blade section is screwed into the ground, pulling the pile down along with it. The nature of this installation system also allows the Solar X Blade Pile to be uninstalled if need be.

The rock attack drive hub system provides precise install control even through the hardest of soils and achieves a significantly higher installation torque when compared to top-driven screw piles. Photos and videos of testing can be seen in our gallery.

SXBP Features & Benefits Summary:

Installation Demonstration

Solar X Blade Pile Gallery

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