Solar Pile International has worked extensively with a number of solar tracker and frame manufacturers, helping them to streamline applied load distribution and stow angles to each specific site. By working with SPI, array system suppliers can optimise their price offerings, ensuring a competitive edge.

1. Get in Touch With Us

Solar Pile International can help array suppliers with structural foundation designs to help optimise their fixed or motorized tracker systems. We adopt a partnership approach in creating a foundation system that compliments and optimizes the design and performance of a given array system.


2. Information Supplied By You

We require relevant project details such as a site plan with contours, solar array layout, the chosen solar array system, each pile type and quantities, comprehensive geotech report, structural load specifications, and a sample copy of your EPC P.O supplier contract terms & conditions.


3. Determining a Project's Needs

We have worked with solar array tracker system companies to fine tune applied load axis height, stow angles and pile spacing to ensure the best performance outcome for the tracker system and structural foundations.


We work directly with array system companies to ensure their fixed or tracker array systems are fully optimised to utilise the most efficient structural foundation. This leads to a greater competitive edge when quoting projects and helps ensure the tracker system is correctly supported for it’s design life.


We conduct on-site pile install and static load testing for lateral, torsion and tension loads for the given solar array system. This will verify and assure the best possible structural foundations, performance and costs.


Solar Pile International partners with solar array companies to achieve the highest level of performance at the lowest possible cost. Solar Pile International and it’s certifying engineers work directly with array companies to help them during the planning phase with their EPC or developer clients.


Each of our unique products includes engineering design and certification documents that satisfies critical standards.
H-Beam design solutions include QA documentation that is necessary to satisfy related standards and specifications, provided by the EPC or developer.

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