All key parties in the development of new solar farms are able to benefit through collaboration with Solar Pile International. EPC’s for one can work with us to design the most cost efficient, highest performing pile solutions for each specific site. This leads to minimising civil works and enhancing installation performance to reduce overall foundation costs.

1. Get in Touch With Us

EPC’s can get in touch with Solar Pile International to discover how to save time, reduce costs, and improve overall performance for the required structural foundations of a given solar farm project. 


2. Information Supplied By You

We require relevant project details such as a site plan with contours, solar array layout, the chosen solar array system, each pile type and quantities, comprehensive geotech report, structural load specifications, and a sample copy of your EPC P.O supplier contract terms & conditions.


3. Determining a Project's Needs

From the initial information supplied by you, we can provide a rapid estimated foundation design and quotation. If desired, we can then develop a final design and quotation, from on-site pile testing.


Our three step process allows us to provide a foundation cost estimate designed for your specific solar farm site. Solar Pile International designs to account for both structural and geotechnical performance requirements in order to estimate true foundation costs.



To ensure the estimated foundation design will perform on site as intended, we highly recommend on site pile testing for ease of installation and verification of lateral, tension, compression and torsion load capacities.


Our International supply chain team works with our clients to provide a package and service tailored to the operational preferences of each project. We can supply CIF from the closest port or DDF delivered to site with duty and costs paid.


Each of our unique products includes engineering design and certification documents that exceed critical standards.
H-Beam design solutions include QA documentation that is necessary to satisfy related standards and specifications, provided by the EPC or developer.


We’d Love to Hear from You.

Let’s get the conversation going about how SPI can support your next project’s requirements.