Solar Pile International (SPI) is proud to announce our appointment to supply our patented Solar X Wing Pile (SXWP) for a new, utility-scale solar farm project in the USA. 

When finished, the project will generate roughly 215,000 MW-h of energy, providing enough electricity to power over 18,000 homes, while employing over 350 construction workers throughout the project.

Our SXWP was utilized for this particular project to achieve the required loads of both wind and frost heave forces throughout areas with low-strength soil.

The pile features a unique cupping plate and wing design that traps, strengthens, and mobilizes the surrounding soil during and after installation. This allows the pile to generate high uplift and lateral capacities at much shallower depths when compared to traditional H-Beam foundations.

This pile’s comprehensive analysis and design process created by our expert engineering team results in a very cost-effective solution for project developers.

Learn more about our unique Solar X Wing piles here.